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Tanzabend – PREMIERE
Tanzabend – PREMIERE

Fr., 12. Apr.



Tanzabend – PREMIERE

Neue Choreografien der Company Pro Arte / “the horMoans” Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros, eine Tanzproduktion des Studio Pro Arte

Zeit & Ort

12. Apr. 2024, 19:00

Merzhausen, Am Rohrgraben 4a, 79249 Merzhausen, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

Neue Choreografien der Company Pro Arte


“the horMoans” 

Two inhabitants from a distant land enter a turkish bath. In this place of pleasure and healing, where senses are stimulated but decorum is rule, a succession of unexpected events awakens unknown responses in their body. In an attempt to curb the untamable beast contained by their occasion wear, they find themselves exposed to the particularities of emotion and desire. The bodies escape, fall, scream, sing, whistle, sweat, stay.

This grotesque derailment of the senses that would stun anyone questions the primordial, the impulses, the places. Do they recognise where they live?

In a cold expression of human loneliness, occupying the tangent between the comic and the tragic, the ice is broken, and the bath becomes an arena. Who's watching? 

Choreography and dance: Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros

Music Composition: João Caldas

Co-production: Studio Pro Arte / Frei Art Festival


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