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Open Call - Summer Residency @Studio Pro Arte

The Studio Pro Arte has been selected by the Goethe-Institut as a residency host in program Culture Moves Europe - Residency. The aim of this program is to invite international artists from another European Memberstate to a residency in our studios in Freiburg. Therefore we are looking for 3 Emerging Artists or a Dance Company with maximum three members who want to rehearse and develop a new dance-piece over the summer 2024 at the Studio Pro Arte.

What we offer:

  • a fully equiped dance house with studios from 30-300m2 for 6 weeks

  • a fully equiped shared appartment in the dance house with three single beds, a kitchen, a small bathroom

  • a mentorship during the residency program

  • the chance to show the result of the residency during a performance night @Studio Pro Arte

  • travel-costs (maximum 350,-€ per artist) / Top-up´s if using sustainable public transport

  • a daily allowance for each artist of €25

  • Depending on the applications, there could be 3, 2 or 1 project(s) selected. If more than one project will be selected, you will be offered common time to exchange on your work though won't have to create something together unless you wish to connect beyond feedback. We are open on that matter.

What we are looking for:

  • three young artists from a European country other than Germany available from August, 5th until September, 15th 2024. (The availibility for the full period is mandatory). We can select up to three people maximum: 3 individual artists, a group of 3 or a duet and a solo. 

  • Artists who handle the facilities of the dance house responsibly and mindfully.

  • Artists who are interested in developing their international network and willing to engage with the local community.

  • we can select up to three people maximum: 3 individual artists, a group of 3 or a duet and a solo. 

Please prepare the following for your application:

  • A concept that clearly outlines the artistic idea, working method, style, and theme.

  • Evidence of one's own artistic work (Portfolio)

  • A short CV

  • Proof of legal residency

  • Official identification document

The project application must be submitted via our online form by May 28th, midnight. The decision will take place by June 5th, followed by invitation to sign a contract no later than June, 12th. Application without all the required documents won't be taken into consideration.


Marketa Fagan
Marketa Fagan
vor 7 Stunden

Hello, I have attempted to apply but the portal is not working. I have sent you an email with all the materials instead. Thanks


daniil oteo
daniil oteo
vor 4 Tagen

I would still like you to look at my application even though I am a German resident, but I am Russian, i.e. a foreigner as you wanted.

German documents now only because I immigrated due to mobilisation and war in my country. thank you.

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