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22. & 23. Febr. 2020 - 11-14h
6 hours Workshop
Studio Pro Arte - Freiburg/Merzhausen
Adress: Am Rohrgraben 4a, 79249 Merzhausen / New Studio
Price: 75 Regular Price / 70 Euro (Komiticket for 2nd Workshop with Nadine Gespacher and Jefta Tanate

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Contemporary & Partnering Workshop mit 
Marco di Nardo & Juan Tirado

22. & 23. Februar 2020

The aim of our workshop is to portray our dance philosophy by driving a physical, potent and emotional experience. We begin with the stimulation of the senses by amplifying the connection of the student with his/her inner physical sensations and simultaneously triggering his/her sense of outer reality. We will reach maximum creativity and body possibilities while introducing to the student the full array of movement qualities and isolations that are an important part of our aesthetic. 


We will teach our approach to convey, by using our body as a medium, the stories that are part of our dormant unconscious. Floorwork, as well as partnering, are paramount parts of our language. We will break the line that separates breakdance and contemporary floor and make the student grasp the infinite possibilities that our research is able to provide. We will also share the tools that we use in order to create unique and unpredictable patterns of partnering. 

Finally, the student will be able to interpret our lifelong research by learning the material of the company. This workshop is aimed at dancers from any background.


Bio of Marco and Juan:


29.02.2020 13h - 16h
01.03.2020 / 12h - 15h
6 hours Workshop
Studio Pro Arte - Freiburg/Merzhausen
Adress: Am Rohrgraben 4a, 79249 Merzhausen / New Studio
Price: 75 Regular Price / 70 Euro (Kombiticket for 2nd Workshop with Juan Tirado & Marco di Nardo)

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Partnering Workshop
Electric Motions 
Nadine Gerspacher & Jefta Tanate

29. Febr & 01. March 2020

The workshop explores contemporary dance, incorporating movement tasks and situations that playfully connect people and focus on the energetics of body language. 

The first part of the workshop includes exercises to awaken the body and generating awareness of the entire physical instrument.  Attention is given to breath, joint articulation, muscle tone and stability to improve physical strength. Partner work and guided improvisations in order to investigate movement qualities such as slow motion, rewind and distortion. Theatrical tasks highlight the practice to support playfulness and creativity in movement and expression. 


The second part of the workshop will focus on the research of the new creation “ Let it rain” which is the second part of a trilogy. Questioning the increasing intimate relationship of humankind and technology.  “Let it rain” creates an intimate space inhabited by two characters in search of the acceptance of one´s differences.

Dates and Prices
Weekend ONE: 27. – 29. März 2020 - Termin wird verschoben!
Weekend TWO: 15. – 17. Mai 2020
Weekend THREE: 26. – 28. Juni 2020

Intensiv-Woche: 13. – 17. Juli 2020
Abschlusspräsentation: 18. Juli 2020


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Dance-Intensive with Bruno Genty
Fortbildung für Tanzkunst und Komposition


Frühjahr/Sommer 2020

Professionelle Tänzer, Tanzschaffende und Tänzer mit soliden Grundkenntnissen in zeitgenössischen, klassischen, modernen oder urbanen Stilen sind eingeladen zu diesem Dance Intensive mit Bruno Genty. 

Workshop Details (deutsch)


We invite all dancers with any background to our Dance Education Program with Bruno Genty. Over the course of 3 weekends and one intensive week you will learn to unleash your artistic potential and find new ways for creating movement, deepening technical strength and connecting with your body and mind.

Workshop Details (english)

More about Bruno Genty (only german)

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