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Microbatics & Agility Workshop mit Winston Reynolds
Microbatics & Agility Workshop mit Winston Reynolds

Sa., 27. März


Am Rohrgraben 4A

Microbatics & Agility Workshop mit Winston Reynolds

We will explore ongoing research methods on how to approach this type of training.The other main focus will see us researching an interpretation of agility work,where we will explore balance,strength,coordination,endurance and speed to try and cultivate an all encompassing adaptive movement practice

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Zeit & Ort

27. März 2021, 10:00 – 28. März 2021, 14:30

Am Rohrgraben 4A, Am Rohrgraben 4A, 79249 Merzhausen, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung


Having constructed and deconstructed my acrobatic training over the past 10 years, we will explore specific ongoing thoughts and ideas on how to approach acrobatically based movement training. As the foundation of the practice has its roots based within acrobatics it will be a present topic, however we will be working on many different topics so come prepared with an open mind.

We will be looking at an ongoing research and vocabulary into acro dance and agility-based movement situations, with the attempt to expand our understanding and sensitivity while interacting within the proposed domain of movement training.

Using ideas revolving around agility we will work on balance, coordination, endurance, speed and strength (BCESS system) to see how this can be cultivated into both solo practice and partnering situations with the idea to build up a well rounded and adaptive mover.

There will be specific work on building and cultivating our proprioceptive blind spots within our physiology to see how we can develop a sustainable practice.

Winston is also a member of the Ferus Animi // Terra Nova Collective, a group of cross

disciplinary craftspersons researching in the fields of human physiology and performance, through both an artistic and scientific lens.

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